PR 1: Development of a Model for Training and Teaching of Transliteracy

The first project result of the project is aimed at the target group of teachers, who very quickly need to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of students, extremely demanding in terms of forms and ways of communication with the teacher and the acquisition of knowledge and skills.The project result is related to the implementation of a large-scale research element in the existing pedagogical models and frameworks for teaching both transliteracy (media, information, visual, data literacy etc.) and the popular STEM approach to learning.The purpose of this project result is to clarify the framework for teaching in the humanities and in the sciences and to adapt a training model that combines the need to teach transliteracy with the attractiveness of practices in the sciences.This approach of adaptation is innovative, as the prevailing opinion in many scientific publications is that STEM teaching will lead to the destruction of the humanities. We believe that this is not entirely justified and a balance can be found between the two currents, which can be used by both humanities and other sciences.