PR 2: Development of Didactic Materials for Teaching Transliteracy

The purpose of the project result is to develop a methodological guide for teaching transliteracy in an adapted curriculum with STEM and game elements.The target group again are the teachers who need to be assisted in the teaching process, as there are no such systematic guidelines, and there is still almost no combination between the humanities and the sciences, and the transliteracy. This is an element of innovation and a need at the same time. The elaboration and development of a guide for teaching transliteracy will facilitate the teachers in the process of including this element in their own subjects, which have a different focus and are diverse in nature. In reality, every single teacher teaches students different kind literates, but still not enough attention is paid to the individual elements of transliteracy. Therefore the individual specifics and things on which should be emphasized are not taken into account. The systematization of teaching practices in the form of a guide will give teachers a tool that they can use in the pedagogical process, and librarians can use in their work with adult users groups.