Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

“Anticipating the future so as not to be caught unprepared for the challenges posed by technological and social evolution”, this is the slogan of Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (FPM), founded in 2003 to enhance the University’s research and support innovation in the economic, productive context and administrative of the country. The Foundation strengthens the University’s development path by making innovation usable, sharing the strengths that characterize research in the fields of engineering, architecture and design with the production companies and the territory, boosting the progress of society. Scientific dissemination is therefore a supporting and transversal element in various fields, amplified by the network of relationships developed over the years with more than 2200 subjects. 

FPM is active in the didactical innovation field, at different levels: design and testing of innovative methodologies, contribution to the update of competences frameworks, development of OERs, serious games design, digital learning pathways and collaboration processes.

Lucia Coletti – Project manager

Laura Barlassina – Project manager and instructional and graphic designer

Matteo Uggeri – Project manager and gamification expert

Silvia Bersan – Senior administrative