University of Parma (Italy)

The University of Parma (UNIPR) is a State University with a centuries-old history dating back to year 962. Nowadays UNIPR is organised around 9 departments, namely “Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability”, “Economics and Management”, “Engineering and Architecture”, “Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries”, “Law, Politics and International Studies”, “Mathematical, Physical and Computer Sciences”, “Medicine and Surgery”, “Veterinary Science” and “Food and Drug”. On the whole UNIPR departments offer 38 First Cycle Degree Programmes, 6 Single Cycle Degree Programmes, 38 Second Cycle Degree Programmes, as well as many Postgraduate schools, Postgraduate Teacher Training courses, several Master Programmes and PhD Research Programmes.

The ideal size of UNIPR (about 23,000 students, with more than 5,000 graduates per year and about 1,800 faculty and staff members), together with the quality of life in Parma has always attracted a large number of students from all over Italy, with more than two-thirds of UNIPR registered students coming from outside of Parma and its Province. Among UNIPR locations, notable is the Campus: a 77-hectare area in the south of the city hosting scientific departments, modern and well-equipped lecture halls, comfortable study areas, technologically advanced laboratories – as well as several sports facilities, a conference centre, and canteens.

Within the last two research framework programs of the European Union, FP7 and Horizon 2020, UNIPR was granted funding for more than 70 research and development projects. The Department of Engineering and Architecture (DIA) has a strong international network for teaching activities and research in Electronics, Computer Engineering and Telecommunications and related fields. DIA is also cooperating with the Department of Humanities for research projects and training activities under the joint home of the UNIPR CoLab Centre.

Contact person: Francesco Zanichelli, francesco.zanichelli@unipr.it